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MSA-6 MiniAmp

MSA-6 MiniAmp

Strain Gauge Amplifier

  • This product is no longer available. Please refer to the Gen5

The MSA-6 is a 6 channel strain gage amplifier designed for use with AMTI’s force platforms, multi-component force/torque transducers or other strain gage devices. It is a low cost, compact instrument capable of high resolution measurement. 

The MSA-6 features easy bridge balancing with a single push button, auto zero, low pass filter, jumper selectable bridge excitation voltages and gains in each channel.  The amplifier is designed primarily for use with a computer aided data acquisition system and requires little user interaction.  


Available Downloads

  • Jumper selectable bridge excitation voltages for each channel
  • Jumper selectable  for each channel
  • Each channel has antialiasing low-pass filter with 1000Hz cut off
  • Requires little user interaction
  • Can be rack mounted, hardware included 

Please down load data sheet for full specifications

Available Downloads

Desk top case: 8" wide x1.75 high x 11.5" deep

Unit can also be rack mounted, hardware included 

  • MSA-6 Amplifier
  • Rack mounting hardware 

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