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SP1D Submersible

SP1D Submersible

Mini Force/Torque Sensor


  • AMTI’s smallest multi component sensor
  • Specifically designed for submersible applications
  • 250lb & 500lb Fz capacities
  • High stiffness, high sensitivity
  • Low cross talk, excellent repeatability  

The SP1D is AMTI’s smallest multi-component sensor. This sensor is specifically designed for underwater applications. These can include research and development with tow tanks, under water models and robotics 

Available Downloads

  • Designed for the underwater measurement of forces and moments
  • Measures force components along X, Y & Z axes and moments about these axes
  • Excellent repeatability, long term stability
  • Easy to use, available in either 250lb or 500lb vertical capacity 
  • General Specifications:

  • Please down load data sheet for full specifications




    Available Downloads


    • 13 Twisted pair cable
    • Gen-5 advanced signal conditioner with crosstalk compensation
    • SP1D Underwater multi axis force and torque sensor
    • NetForce PC software
    • NIST traceable calibration certificate

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